Bring Your Imagination to Life!

There’s something in your head.  You can picture it, you dream about it, how can you bring it to life?

Whether it’s an idea, an image, a story, even an invention you think might change the world, the question is: how can you make it tangible?

I’m no artist. Creative and innovative yes, but I can’t draw to save myself. I had this image in my head for my game: two warriors battling it out, fire verses water.

It was so clear in my imagination, there was just no way in the world I was going to be able to draw it, I needed to find an illustrator.

So the hunt began. Step one, ask friends. When you put your mind to it and really think about the network of people you have, so much opportunity comes up to source from someone you know and trust.

I have a friend creating a children’s book, he has an illustrator, that would have to be my first step.

My friend put me in touch with his illustrator, she was too busy to help me directly but a wealth of knowledge on the subject!

I ended up with about five different options, ran with the first one that looked appealing and I now have an illustration from a professional artist that is exactly what I had in my head, actually it is even better than I imagined!

So how did I get there? Stay tuned for the next blog post and I will document my experience and the steps I took to bring my wildest dreams to life.  Have a look at step one and final product below.

From this:

to this:

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