It’s a Journey!

I looked at the list of things to do for launching Fate of the Earth on Kickstarter, it just keeps getting longer!

On mentioning this to a friend that this launching a game thing wasn’t as easy as I thought, he replied ‘nope, but it’s a journey’!

Well that really put things in perspective for me, that long list of really awesome stuff is absolutely a journey.

And that’s what every goal and micro goals list should be. A learning experience, a challenge, a path to greener pastures… a JOURNEY.

One more thing ticked off the list, bringing my board to life. I asked the graphic artist to put it together so I could order a prototype.

She’s a genius really, in half an hour she took my pic and put it in a file to send to the board manufacturers. Delegating some things on your list makes the to do list get to the done list much faster!

How many things can you get off your micro goals list by asking someone else for help?


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