Create a Meaningful Purpose

What drives you to get up in the morning?  Whether it’s your career, to provide for your family or save for world travel, your meaningful purpose is the thing that gets you out of bed.

Life doesn’t have much meaning without purpose.  It’s exactly the same with goals, they won’t mean much if you don’t have a good reason for wanting to achieve them.

You might write a goal down such as become a millionaire, which is a great goal to have, but if the reasoning behind that goal is empty, it’s probable you will never get there as it’s all words and no plan or purpose.

Create a meaning purpose behind your goal and it will drive you to be successful in accomplishing it.

There is a purpose behind developing this game.  To raise awareness about the fight to save our planet.

The Fate of the Earth is in your hands.  Our oceans are dying, from over fishing and pollution, the temperature of the water is rising, killing our reefs, and only we can do something about it.

I will be donating some of the funds from the Kickstarter campaign to our oceans; it’s a very worthy cause.



I want my little boy to see the things in the ocean that I have seen on my diving adventures, not an ocean of bleached corals and a few fish species.  I want him to look this fish in the eye and tell it: ‘my mama did something about saving you so I could say hi’!

This will give the project more meaning.  It will drive me to making sure it’s funded.  It will make me feel darn good that I can contribute.

Add a purpose to all of your goals.  Make it clear why you want to achieve it.  Then share your purpose and be proud of it.  I’d love to hear about which goal you added a purpose to today.

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