Micro Goals

Creating a goal is easy, just write it down and there you have it. The steps to accomplishing the goal, may not be so easy.

It’s time to break down your goal into more manageable pieces and create a step by step micro goals list to support your main goal.

Take my new goal of developing the board game I’ve created to put it on Kickstarter and get it funded.

Sounds easy right? Well I thought so too, until I started reading Jamey Stegmaier’s Blog and realised that it may not make it without some hard work and effort.

So I started a list in Trello and I’m actually getting somewhere! It’s really not as hard as it looks.

I needed a brand so I contacted a lady I know who does logos and with my direction she came up with this:

FOTE Logo BlackBG

Micro goal number one complete, that feels so darn good yeah! Only another 30 or so things to go.

It sounds daunting but they are lots of small things, and the main goal is pretty awesome and definitely achievable, so time to get on with the rest.

Find an illustrator was next on the list, I need an image.

After asking around I was referred to a site called Upwork; lo and behold within the day, I had an illustrator. Two off the list. I’m on a roll.

Create a Facebook page: check, get an email and website: check, start a blog: check, join lots of gaming groups to sus out what others are doing and ask lots of questions: check. The done list is filling up, it’s inspiring to see my goal coming to life.

Now it’s time to set myself a deadline. All this stuff is happening and if I don’t say when it should happen by then I’ll procrastinate, I’m very good at that!

I am setting my date right now: by the 30th of September I am going to launch my Kickstarter campaign.

There you have it! Contract with myself drawn up, target acquired, time to get moving.

Do you have end dates to your goals? Try adding a couple and see how much it motivates you to get those goals done!!!

Please share a few goals that you’re putting a time frame on, or your micro goals list of actions and we can work on them together.

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